Hawaii Business interviews Abe Lee on first-time home buying

Hawaii real estate expert Abe Lee was interviewed in an April 26, 2022 Hawaii Business magazine article on housing opportunities for first time homebuyers. He was interviewed for the article along with Hawaii Homeownership Center’s Reina Miyamoto, the executive director, and others.

Realtor Abe Lee, owner and broker in charge of Century 21 iProperties, which was the exclusive broker on The Central, says first-time homebuyers are his favorite group to work with because they need the most help.

“I would rather have 10 people at $300,000 and make commissions on $3 million in sales than one person who did a $3 million deal,” he says.

Lee says he refers many of his first-time clients to the Hawai‘i HomeOwnership Center, a nonprofit that supports first-time homebuyers and educates them about the homebuying process and how their credit scores can determine what and where they can buy.

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You Can Work in Hawaii Real Estate Part-Time

Are you looking to make extra money on the side while keeping your full-time job? Have you successfully completed a pre-licensing course but haven’t taken the plunge into real estate because you just don’t have the time?

Many people want to keep their full-time job for a variety of reasons: medical insurance, retirement benefits, the security of a steady paycheck. But you can work in real estate part-time in Hawaii by becoming a referral agent!

Referral agents get paid 20% of the commission just for referring qualified buyers and sellers. The referral company pays a 25% referral fee, of which the agent gets 20% and the broker gets 5%.

For example, if a commission from a real estate transaction is $20,000, the referral agent receives $5,000. That’s $5,000 just for referring a qualified buyer or seller to Century 21 iProperties Hawaii who ends up purchasing or selling a home – no other work on your part.

How to Get Started as a Referral Agent

Abe Lee Seminars codeThe first step in earning extra income as a referral agent is to obtain your real estate license through Abe Lee Seminars – Hawaii’s premier real estate school rated 5 stars on Yelp with more than 270 reviews.

Once you’ve successfully completed the class and then obtained your real estate license, you can can become a referral agent with PLS Realty which is the referral company that works with Century 21 iProperties Hawaii.

Need even more incentive? Once your first referral has closed, your tuition will be fully refunded!

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