Hawaii Business interviews Abe Lee on first-time home buying

Hawaii real estate expert Abe Lee was interviewed in an April 26, 2022 Hawaii Business magazine article on housing opportunities for first time homebuyers. He was interviewed for the article along with Hawaii Homeownership Center’s Reina Miyamoto, the executive director, and others.

Realtor Abe Lee, owner and broker in charge of Century 21 iProperties, which was the exclusive broker on The Central, says first-time homebuyers are his favorite group to work with because they need the most help.

“I would rather have 10 people at $300,000 and make commissions on $3 million in sales than one person who did a $3 million deal,” he says.

Lee says he refers many of his first-time clients to the Hawai‘i HomeOwnership Center, a nonprofit that supports first-time homebuyers and educates them about the homebuying process and how their credit scores can determine what and where they can buy.

Read the full article here.

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