Pacific Business News: Interview with Timothy Yi of SamKoo

Get to know Timothy Yi, president of SamKoo Hawaii who is overseeing the Korean developer’s affordable housing projects in Honolulu, in Pacific Business News’ feature profile published Aug. 16! According to the story, “Yi’s work with the Kapiolani Residence project recently attracted international attention from the United Nations and from FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, who invited him to New York … to present the project.”

When I found out the demand and the market that’s so much in need, I decided to do affordable housing. When we did the first project, sure enough, we had over 4,500 people show up for 292 units. That was an eye-opening experience for me, I got to meet most of them after the seminar. I decided to be an affordable housing developer and I was introduced to the [Hawaii Revised Statutes] 201H program in searching for the right program. From there we were successful, sold out in a few days on the affordable housing, and also the market-priced [units] were sold out in a week or two. ~ Timothy Yi, quoted in Pacific Business News

Read the Pacific Business News story

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